Happy Birthday Nice Peter


Happy Birthday Nice Peter!

“So, today we celebrate the birthday of a GREAT person to many people in the world, especially to me. I know most of you, have seen too much of Benedict Cumberbatch on my Facebook. But, believe or not, before him, a wonderful person came into my life. And that’s Nice Peter. For those who didn’t know me before Sherlock/Benedict/DoctorWho and stuff like that, you don’t know me entirely.

There was a time (almost two years ago, to be more exact), when an ordinary girl was finding herself lost in time. Depressed, and incredibly lonely. So she decided to take a look on YouTube to find something nice to watch. After a month, she found the channel nicepetertoo, and began to watch the vlogs of this funny man. But, as there’s always something to get in our way, the videos were in english, and she didn’t know a shit of anything he was saying. But she didn’t give up.

She kept watching them, trying to catch a word, or a simple sentence. When he laughed, she tried to understand what was so funny. When he made a weird face (which is usual with Peter), she tried to realize what was that for. With the time, she began to really pay attention on what he was saying, every single word was important. And then, at great cost, she “learned” english with the funny man.

Months passed since the first time, and she became addicted to the greatest Nice Peter. She was in love (not “that” kind of love), obsessed, and…really good in english! J

She found herself happy, after all this time! But, as always, it’s never enough. Since she knows English, and thought “Well, he’s a YouTuber, it might not be so hard to be in contact with him!”, she decided to do something for him. On Twitter, he was following her already, but still not enough! As we all know (when I say “we” I mean me and his fans), his vlogs, called Monday Show (released every Monday o/) he does something called “Viewer Mail” where he opens his fans mail. And she thought “If anyone can do that, I can too!” and got really excited about that! She began to work on it, doing her best to make everything perfect. She made a bunch of drawings, a letter (the hardest part, since she had A LOT of things to tell him), and of course, his address. Also, she had a “trick”. As she knew already, that is not everyone who gets their mails on the show, she noticed something. He opens the most warning package. So she wrote “PLEASE, OPEN IN THE MONDAY SHOW”  so he could read it and maybe… open it.

After a failed attempt (she sent to the wrong address), she said one more time “I won’t give up now”, and made another one. She lost drawings, a very important letter, and a bunch of other stuff. But she didn’t give up. She knew how important that was to her.

In July 1st, something INCREDIBLE happened. The video she was waiting for since February, was uploaded. She missed it on monday, and only got to see on friday, when she went to Twitter before going to check out his YouTube channel, and saw many tweets from her friends saying things like “Hey, I saw your drawings on Monday Show! Pretty cool!” She freaked out, and then, she watched. I wish I could explain how happy she was. How… crazy she was. It’s impossible to describe. She heard something unique. She heard Nice Peter saying her name. Saying “Juliana thank you very much for your lovely package”. This was something that will last for the rest of her life.


After that, she kept being a fan of him, of course. But, as it would be possible, maybe a little bit more than usual. As you may know, this girl is me! Hello! 😉 And since I met him, every dumb thing became an adventure.

The point I’m trying to make, is that Nice Peter basically saved me. I was in a really bad mood, weirdly depressed. I didn’t know what to do with my life, I didn’t know how to be happy. And he helped on that. He brought me up when everyone decided to let me fall. And I am incredibly grateful for him. Yes, I do love him more than anyone else (even Benedict :O shocking, I know). He IS the most important person in my life, and I hope to get a chance to tell him that in person. I know I will. 😉 In the meantime, Peter, if you’re reading this, thank you! Thank you for all!!!! I know you heard that A LOT from me, but it’s all truth. It comes from my heart. You are real, that’s one of the things I most love on you.

So, for today, I hope you have a fantastic day. Enjoy it, as much as you can. Be happy. I love you.

I’ll see you soon. 😉




Adaptation #76: We Shave For Sherlock Holmes

Adaptation: A Podcast

header076In this overdue episode, the Adaptation Team tackles the BBC’s third series of Sherlock, discussing the perfection that is Mary Morstan, the nods to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original works and to the fandom and the mildly-disappointing lack of a cliff hanger, all while reeling from the fact that WE STILL DON’T KNOW HOW HE SURVIVED!

What do you think? Have a listen and then tell us your own thoughts on this series and how it stacks up to the first two the comments!

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For more fandom adaptations, check out our episodes on  The Hobbit: AUJ and DoS, Thor: The Dark World, Catching Fire, Star Trek Into Darkness and Once Upon a Time.

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1 Year With Epic Rap Battles Of History



    One year ago, I discovered something incredible. Something so simple that I couldn’t imagine how it would means to me later. December 28th, 2012 was a very important day. So before I start, let’s go back to the beggining.

    Summer vacations. That sounds great after an exhaustive and stressful year. As me and my two sisters always do, we went to our aunt’s house at São Paulo. It was great! The Christmas has gone, and we got amazing presents as always. It was everything perfectly normal. But, I’ll be honest, it was getting very boring at some point.

    Three days after Christmas, wasn’t that boring. December 28th was a normal day, as it should be. But the evening started to get better. After dinner, ma and my two sisters, Rafaella and Giovana went to our room and tried to find something fun to do. Failed attemp. So Facebook seemed a better choice. Bad idea. Facebook was freaking boring that night. But then, I found a funny (not so funny) picture of Chuck Norris. Yes, Chuck Norris. For some reason, I got curious to know more about this Norris. So I went to YouTube and typed “Chuck Norris” and something that seemed more interesting appeared. How can I not get curious about “Chuck Norris vs Abe Lincoln?! So you probably know what happened next.Yes, I did watch Chuck Norris vs Abe Lincoln, and it was the best choice I’ve ever made. I watched a million times and I couldn’t stop! It was so funny, and cool! It was perfect! And yes, I got addicted since the first time I saw. So after getting tired of watching the same video, I watched Batman vs Sherlock Holmes, Hawking vs Einsten, Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe and others like Justin Bieber vs Beethoven. This one. If you read my last post you may know what happened when I watched Bieber vs Beethoven. If you didn’t was how I discovered about Nice Peter. I knew that a guy called Nice Peter was that sexy Beethoven. 1 point to me! But then, I noticed that Beethove looks a lot like Hawking. And with Jobs. Wait a minute… That’s the same guy! That’s Nice Peter!

    My curiosity increased every second. I started searching more about this “Epic Rap Battles Of History”. It was perfect! These Epic Rap Battles Of History videos have everything! The rhymes are awesome, the characters are very different and the beat is very contagious! It’s everything perfect! These videos are very well done! I eneded the night with this on my mind:

  1. Epic Rap Battles Of History is a video series of historical characters rapping against each other.
  2. The two creators (geniuses to be honest) are EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter.
  3. Yes, Nice Peter plays more than one character. And it’s not different with EpicLLOYD.
  4. They both has their own channel.
  5. I’m gonna love this even more.

    Well, I guess that was enough for a night. But of course, I wouldn’t stop there.
    After one week of research I became oficially a ERB fan. Also Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD. Peter with his amazing and different songs, and Monday Show being so sweet with his fans, and Lloyd being so powerful with his incredible Dis Raps For Hire . These guys were driving me crazy! And I was loving it!

    One month later I went back home. ERB. Nice Peter. EpicLLOYD. That was all on my mind. Luckily my TV have internet, and of course, YouTube was there too. It couldn’t be better!

    Incredible things happened since then.

    A while later, I discovered Dante, aka Give Me Motion, and Mary Doodles. A wonderful misician and an amazing artist. They both are very special to me since the beggining. Dante with his lovely and amazing songs. I cannot explain what I felt when I listened to Sunflower and Archipelago Me for the first time. Was so deep that words are useless to explain. You have to feel to understand. But I can confirm to you, that is so magic that sometimes you forget you are on earth. And it’s the same thing with every song. And his voice is so sweet and lovely. It’s like impossible to not fall in love with him. And we have Mary! I’ve never seen someone so talented as her. Her drawings are amazing. Every single drawing is perfect! It’s fascinating to watch. Even my dad gets hypnotized! It’s very impressive! And we cannot forget how much she is funny and sweet. And creative! The “Cat Lady” is my favorite drawing so far! They’re both amazing.

    After this, I decided to activate my Twitter account after a really long time. I followed Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Give Me Motion, Mary Doodles and the official ERB Twitter account. And since I came back to Twitter, I made awesome new friends that are like me! Great ERB fans! A quick hi to Dana, Danielle, Shelby, Amber and Wendy! These girls are very loyal fans just like me. I love them so much! 

    And thanks to Twiitter, I discovered that Lloyd has a wife! And she’s amazing! Her name is Josie Ahlquist. Some people know her only as EpicLLOYD’s wife, but her shine is not hidden behind Lloyd! She’s a beautiful and strong woman. She has the greatest blog ever wich is a big inspiration to me. On her blog, she talks about her daily life (kind of) giving tips and tricks. She’s amazing. Not only a great writer but she’s so sweet! And very nice with everyone. Favorite Blog Post: ” Our Puppy Parker: A ‘tail’ of saving a sick rescue, and, “How to Date a YouTube Celeb”.

    Back to ERB!

    So, since I became a very loyal ERB fan, I started following more their videos. The second season was in its last phase, starting with Adam vs Eve. Was also when Peter did a break with his Monday Show to devote more to the ERB. And of course, I didn’t miss it and neither the other battles. Season 2 ended with Rasputin vs Stalin in April, wich was scary because I thought was the end of ERB!      But thanks God it wasn’t. And with a little break till September, Peter brought back Monday Show! It was very excited to me because I always loved Monday Show! It’s where I can see Peter being himself. And it’s beautiful. And in the Monday Show, Peter do a little Viewer Mail, opening fan’s mail. It’s where we, fans, can have contact with Peter. Giving some ERB suggestions, asking about his personal life, writting letters, making drawings and sometimes sending some weird things to eat. Wich is amazing! I love seeing Peter doing weird faces!  It’s great! I’ve always wanted to be my turn. Always wanted to see him say my name. And I thought why not? I guess it’s my turn now! I know it’s sounds easy, but I knew it would takes a lot of work! But I kept it on mind anyway. So I started working on it.

  • First step: Ask my mom. That would be the hardest part but it was actually easier than I thought. She just said yes!
  • Second step: Prepare everything. The drawings was kind easy to do. I made one to Dante, one to Lloyd, one to Mary, one to Josie and some others to Peter.Alright, drawings checked. Now it’s time to write the letter. That surely was the hardest part. First, I had to decide what to write. After 15 failed attempts it was done. Then arrange everything. It had to be perfect. And try to make all fit in only one paper. Alright, done.
  • Third step: The envelope. As I have experience (not actually), I tried to make it showy, to catches his attention. To make him open it. Done.
  • Fourth step: Time to send. I was so excited! And nervous too. Not only because I was sending to someone in other country, but also because I was sending to Peter!
  • Fifth and last step: Wait. That was the most boring part.

    Three months later, the wait was over. Peter uploaded the video on a monday as always, but I only could watch on a friday. Internet issues. And it happened like this: I woke up on a friday morning with only my parents, my younger sister Giovana and I at home. Rafaella was at school. After one stressful week without internet, all I wanted was, well, the internet of course. So first I went to Instagram, and saw a Dante’s picture of my drawing. But I didn’t imagine it could be on the last Monday Show. So before go to watch the Monday Show, I went to Twitter and saw a friend of mine, Danielle, telling me that my package was in the Monday Show. Also Nick (Robertson) said that he saw some drawings on the Monday Show. One second to breath. I. just. freaked. out. that. moment. All I did was jump out of my bed, wake up my sister and my parents, and run frantically to my TV. And we finally watched! I was shaking, crying a lot. My dad thought I was going to have a heart attack. I thought the same. But I didn’t. At that moment, I thought I was dreaming. That was crazy! I couldn’t believe that was really happening! Because is not everyday that something like that happens, well, not in Brazil! And it did happen to me! This is crazy! Unbelievable. Was beautiful seeing Peter saying my name. And when Peter gave Dante my drawing. The drawing that I made with my own hands, not perfect but was made with much love for him. For each one of them. I remember when my sister told me that this is something impossible to happen. And I should give up. But I didn’t. And when she got home after school, she watched the video and apologized to me. (and she also cried a little). Was amazing. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I never gave up. I always had faith. Always had hope. 

    After watching this video, not sure how much, I started wondering, why Peter doesn’t has a girlfriend. It’s kind weird. Or not. I mean, Lloyd is married with Josie (♥), Dante is Mary’s boyfriend (♥), and why a guy like Peter would be single? That’s when I started looking for a picture of Peter or anything with a woman. So I asked my friend Shelby and she confirmed to me that he does. Wich makes totally sense, because let’s face it, he’s very talented, very nice, sweet and cute, and such a handsome man. And those eyes are like…. more beautiful than the sky (It’s just the truth). It’s impossible to not fall in love with him. The same goes to Dante and Lloyd. Ok, so her name is Melissa Judson, but better known by Mel. She’s beautiful and a very nice woman. Also very sweet! And creative! Wich I had the pleasure of confirm by looking her blog.It’s amazing what she does! I loved the Pikachu and the Princess Peach costumes! I’m gonna try someday. It’s actually very easy to do. Peter has luck to have her as his girlfriend! She’s amazing. And I feel really bad because I didn’t have the chance to send her a drawing. But I’m working on to fix it 

    So a while later, I got an ERB Season 2 CD and a t-shirt! The CD was a present from my other older sister Mariana! I’m very thankful to her. Thanks Mari! And the t-shrit I got in a Rodeo Arcade contest that I won with a drawing. Both were signed by Peter and Lloyd! Yay! 

    I don’t want to make this post too long, so I’m gonna stop here. These was some of the best moments of this year. And now, a message to Peter, Lloyd, Dante, Mary, Josie and Mel:

    As I said the entire year, I’m very grateful to have you in my life. Not only because you guys have given me such wornderful moments but also because you deleted the bad thoughts that hurt me. It’s amazing how you guys have changed me. I feel so good today, so alive. As I’ve never felt before. I used to be very weak before all of this happened. I didn’t have a “voice”. I used to feel comfortable with things that made me feel really bad. And all of this just to be accepted. And I wasn’t happy at all. I was just trying to seem happy. I used to deceived myself. But not anymore. Some people would tell me that I’m crazy, and you guys just make videos and blog posts. But it’s no true. You guys are a huge part of my family, part of my life! Because, trust me, you guys helps me more than my own family. They don’t understand me. They never did. They never tried actually. All they did was judging me. I wanted to be accepted in my family, so I tried to be what they wanted me to be. And that was killing me inside. And with you guys I can be myself. I could find who I really am and show to my family without fear. And now I can do this. Now, my family deal with this very well. Better than I thought actually. You guys gave me the life. What I was missing for a long time. And now I can breath without being judged. And it’s incredible. So I want to say thank you. For every single video, every single song and every single blog post. And for being so kinda with me. You guys gabe me something to believe, something to fight for. The love, the smile, the happiness, the fun, the hope, the dreams, the confidence, the strenght, the friendship all I’ve ever wanted. I can feel how much I changed this year. And it’s all because of you. I can see the world with other eyes right now. With no fear. A world full of opportunities, hope and dreams. Thank you for helping me how to find myself. Thank you for teaching me a bunch of things that will be with me for the rest of my life. So today is December 31, almost new year, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!!! So much amazing things to come! Can’t wait to spend one more year with you guys. A last thank you so much! I love you guys! Peace and love.




PPS: Forgive me for any type error. My english is not one of the best because I learned by my own.


How YouTube is Impacting Current and Future College Students

Josie Ahlquist

“YouTube is an art medium; a technology which allows listeners to become singers, watchers to become actors and consumers to become producers creating new original works and supplementing existing ones.  It allows everyone to have a voice that can be heard and face that can be seen” (Cayari, 2011, p. 24).

 YouTube is changing the landscape of the digital world.  This video sharing site receives billions of viewers daily, the latest reports show that more than half of viewers are students.  “Teens constitute the dominant demographic on YouTube in terms of their viewership, comments, rating and other feedback mechanisms” (Chau, 2010, p. 65).

YouTube, created in 2005 is now the third most visited website in the world (Cayari, 2011).  From how-to and music videos to daily vlogs and live concerts, all levels of engagement are being activated.  Being part of the YouTube community crosses all forms of social media, as…

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Becoming Mrs. Josie Ahlquist

Josie Ahlquist

josie+lloyd-628Four years ago today on October 18th 2009, my husband and I were married.  I didn’t know it would change me.  At first these changes surprised me.  But as the years have progressed since, it has been the greatest gift.

I never really dreamed about my wedding as a little girl.  I knew myself enough, that once I would start planning the details, I would have had the entire thing planned out before I was even engaged.

josie+lloyd-642 - Version 2

That’s not to say I wasn’t boy-crazy, chasing boys on the playground as early as kindergarten.  I had crushes on John Elway (my family is still avid Denver Broncos fans), Prince Charming from the movie Snow White and of course Superman.

When it came to dating as a teenager, growing up in a very small town in Wyoming, my options were limited.  No mall, Target, or Walmart and we had only three fast food restaurants…

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To Nice Peter.

Tip: Read this listening to one or all of these:


Today I got some words to say, some feelings to express. And everything leads up to you.
For a long time I’ve been looking for the real happiness, but nothing was enough. We all have someone or something special! Someone who can make our heart beat faster and faster.
As a young person, I’d never knew what is the meaning of life. Till I found you. The meaning of life is to be happy with something or someone special. It’s to fall in love, have fun ,make new friends of differents types, laugh of everything because nothing is so serious, enjoy the life as much as we can because nothing is forever.
For some people, find all of this can be very tough, or very easy. Some people has the fear, the angry their hearts, but even these people deserve to find the happiness. The real happiness. And I wish it to everyone.
In my case, I found all the happiness in one person. I found it all, in only one. You. It’s very tough for me, to express my feelings, but something is telling me to do it. So let’s get start from the beggining.
My life was wrecked. Broken in billion, and billion of particles. All the people around me, my family and my friends, were always thinking that I was happy. I was fine! But all of them were wrong. I was in pain, I had fear of showing the people my thoughts! I’ve always wanted to pick someone and put it inside of me to see what I see. To feel what I feel. To help me. But I couldn’t. All that bad things were stuck inside of me. I was unhappy. My only medicine was, and still is, the music. Music could take me to somewhere, where everything was perfect. Where evrything was fine. After some years, all that “pain” disappeared. And I’ll tell you how.
I was just a thirteen (I’m fourteen now) years old girl when I found you. I remember everything.
I was in my summer vacations when everything happened. The vacations was great. I was in my uncle’s house, with my family, the christmas was coming, it was everything fine. In one of those nights, I was in my bedroom with my two sisters. I was on the facebook in my older sister’s iPad. The facebook was extremely boring. Till I find a charge with Chuck Norris on it. For some reason, I was curious to know more about this “Chuck Norris”. So I went to YouTube and wrote Chuck Norris. Then something very interesting appeared. The name “Chuck Norris vs Abe Lincoln” made me feel so curious that I had to click on it. So I did. That was the first Epic Rap Battles of History that I watched. It was the best thing I’ve ever did!!! It was incredible! I watched a billion times, and couldn’t stop! That was the most funny, cool, awesome and badass thing I’ve ever seen! It was totally perfect! See the original video below:

After that, I watched Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe, Batman vs Sherlock Holmes and many others. Among these I watched Justin Bieber vs Beethoven. See the original video below:

That one. That. My first thought was: “Who is this sexy, beautiful Beethoven? ” (laughs)
Since that moment, the name Nice Peter wasn’t just a name. I started to watch Monday Show, Picture Song, Street Music, of course, Epic Rap Battles of History (which is my biggest vice today), and all that kind of stuff. Since you came to my life, I started to being a better person! I started to express myself, tell people my thoughts, to make new friends all aroud the world ( a quick Hi to my best friends Dana, Shelby, Danielle, Amber and Wendy!). I started to be happy! To live! Now I know why I’m here! It’s to do what I like, with who I like! And that’s what I’m doing now! I’M LIVING! I found the happiness.
Peter, I’m here to say thank you. For being an regular guy, who likes to play music, make people laugh, make everybody feel confortable with themselves. You teach us to believe in our dreams. To believe that there’s still hope. All we have to do is believe. Because everything is possible! And of course, you teach us to never give up. I’ve been learning all of this and so much more with you. I want you to know that among billion and thousand of people, of different cultures and countries, you changed at least, one life. My life. You made a fourteen years old girl, brazilian, believe in herself. Don’t be afraid of the world. And that’s unique. I’m here to say thank you for every single video, every single song, every single smile, every single “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Monday Show!”. I’m here to say thank you for sing. I’m here to say thank you for being yourself. Just a “mediun” guy.
Today I have a t-shirt and an ERB (season 2) CD, both signed, a Monday Show where you oppened my stuffs on the viewer mail, a really bad english (that I learned by myself), and a strong heart which wants more and more. As a dreamer person, I want to visit all the countries around the world, eat different foods, write many, many books, learn at least, 10 different languages, and first of all, I need to meet you. You ,Dante, Lloyd, Mary, Josie and Mel. All of you are my biggest inspirations. And I need to meet you all! And I will! So wait for me Peter! Someday, in somewhere, you will meet the girl behind this post! In the meantime, let’s get ready for ERB season 3 and mooore Monday Show! I hope these words finds you well. And a quick I love you Peter. You have my heart, my mind and my soul.Be happy! See you soon.
-Juliana from Brazil! 🙂
PS: If you read this please tell me what do you think on my Twitter: @LovesNicePeter_ ! Thanks!